Working with M&C Saatchi Public Relations, who were working with iD Mobile to help them become famous.

The new mobile contract legislation means that consumers no longer have to be tied-in to their mobile phone contracts for the full term. So iD Mobile wanted a campaign which attracted younger consumers to drop their current mobile provider for iD Mobile – to get a better deal.
The creative route revolved around using Georgia Steel (Love Island 2018) as the face of campaign. She is synonymous with ‘being loyal’ – it was her catch-phrase during the show.
So, we used this platform to flip this on its head by first of ‘leaking’ some gossip from her own page in a self-shot style exposé where she revealed that she’d been ‘unfaithful’.
This was then quickly followed up with a second piece of content the following day which was the reveal about what she was actually talking about. She wasn’t talking about a man, but about her mobile phone contract provider.
Davenport Creative Ltd was responsible for the end-to-end production of all content produced for the campaign. This included the initial concepting / storyboarding & scripting. Handling all pre-production. Live shoot day including directing, and then all of the post-production editing through to delivery (two days following the shoot).