Swingers – a crazy golf venue in London – was soon to be launching their first ever corporate team tournament: ‘The Swingers Open‘.

The brief was to create awareness, and support the launch of the event.

Working directly with the brand, we were asked to come up with a range of initial concepts / treatments for how we could make this come to life in video format.
Our idea which was commissioned was to create a ‘tongue-in-cheek’ style mock version of a ‘Sky Sports’ style Golf Tournament advert:
overtly grandiose and serious with a rich orchestral score.
The difference being, that we’re clearly not being serious – we’re talking about Crazy Golf, for heaven’s sake. It’s in the name.
We scripted and storyboarded varying options for different cuts – and recorded independent soundboards for each.
The creative echoed that of a promo for a high profile sporting event, in a tongue in cheek way.
We also created a much shorter version for use on their social media channels.
The promotional campaign was a success and we were then asked to come along to one of the competition nights to capture a typical Swingers Open tournament in ‘full-swing’.